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Dr. Baca’s Clinical & Educational Services

Dr. Baca works exclusively with couples regardless of the couple’s sexual orientation. He discovered after many years of his own personal work including psychoanalysis, that the greatest opportunity for growth lay in his relationship with his spouse. Dr. Baca echos Dr. Hendrix who claims that love, by its nature, calls us to return to very early developmental stages in our childhood, as the basis to experience and express the essence of love with another.

"My theoretical clinical orientation propelled me in the direction of the Imago work. I believe whole-heartedly that the marital/couple arena was the fertile soil for couples to heal their individual woundedness. In addition to couples therapy, I also conduct couples weekend workshops based on Dr. Hendrix’s model of Imago Relationship Therapy. I provide clinical consultation to seasoned singles and couples therapists who wish to understand and integrate object relations theory with direct and successful intervention actions. I also conduct training seminars on a variety of subjects and in a variety of venues. I provide workshops on cross-cultural issues. Finally, I offer training workshops on integrating object relations theory with practical, effective treatment interventions."  --Dr. Baca.