Dr. Baca’s Clinical & Educational Services

Dr. Baca works exclusively with couples regardless of the couple’s sexual orientation. He discovered after many years of his own personal work including psychoanalysis, that the greatest opportunity for growth lay in his relationship with his spouse. Dr. Baca echos Dr. Hendrix who claims that love, by its nature, calls us to return to very early developmental stages in our childhood, as the basis to experience and express the essence of love with another.

“My theoretical clinical orientation propelled me in the direction of the Imago work. I believe whole-heartedly that the marital/couple arena was the fertile soil for couples to heal their individual woundedness.” –Dr. Baca.

Couples Counseling

Many couples attempt to handle conflict and the delicate aspects of their relationship on their own. This often leads increased negativity when one or both partners feel criticized, defensive or unheard. The result is an increased breakdown in communication where many couples become further alienated from one another.

Marriage Counseling

If you are experiencing challenges in your marriage, Bernard J. Baca Ph.D.,LCSW counseling services in the Indianapolis area can provide the guidance needed to identify and resolve core and underlying issues that threaten the harmony in your relationship. A good marriage requires mutual commitment and shared goals. A licensed professional can assist you in rebuilding your relationship and make it as strong and loving as it once was.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is designed to help identify, resolve and ultimately shift relationship patterns and create new healthy dynamics that benefit each member. The wellbeing of any individual is greatly affected by their home environment. Bernard J. Baca Ph.D.,LCSW family counseling services in the Indianapolis region provides professional guidance where families learn to communicate and resolve conflict respectfully and build upon the existing strengths of each member and resolve challenges.